Introducing V-Grav™
Gravity. Visualized.

Introducing V-GravTM!   Burris Gravity Meter now has graphics!

The new control app designed for Android Tablets now has several new features:

  • Visually monitor the Beam and Levels during measurements.
  • The new Survey feature allows for sequential numbering of stations.
  • Data files can now be viewed on the tablet for in the field Quality Control.
  • Easily add various filters during measurements in noisy environments.
  • GPS functionality
  • Transfer data to a computer via cable transfer or email with ease.
  • Saved files will not be lost in case of loss of power to the tablet.

Graphics aid in obtaining a more precise measurement.  For the first time ever on a Burris Gravity Meter, you can visually see the displacement of the sensor’s beam in real time.  Beam displacement and level position allow you to decide when it’s best to take a measurement.  If the environment is very active, with just a touch of a button, you can increase filtering.  This is real control at your fingertips.

A new surveying feature has been added to accommodate surveys where sequential numbering of lines and stations is needed.  The new Survey mode is designed to minimize the time spent at each station.  This is done with V-Grav’s quick read and automatic line and station numbering features. Now you have more choices for taking measurements; Station mode, Survey mode, and Continuous Mode.

V-GravTMis installed on a 7” Android tablet for flexibility in the field.  The app can be installed on any Android device 6” or larger with Bluetooth capabilities.  This makes V-GravTMconvenient to use and easy to maintain in the field. Data files can be viewed within the Android device for quick quality checks.  Saved observations can be downloaded via USB cable, memory stick, or simply emailed.  Data files once saved are protected from power loss.

V-GravTMhas been streamlined to be easier to use yet is more powerful.  GPS coordinates from the Android device can be used if more accurate coordinates are not available.  The program offers optional filtering to facilitate single observations during noisy environmental conditions.  Many of the functions have been combined to give you more information.

Click here for a downloadable pdf file of this information.  

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