UltraGrav2™ Application on Android™ Tablet

The new UltraGrav2™  Application on Android™ Tablet provides several new features.

  • Data files can now be viewed on the tablet and do not need to be transferred to a PC to be reviewed
  • 10 and 15 second filters can be utilized to help stabilize readings when there is a noisy environment
  • Spanish and Chinese language are now options
  • GPS functionality
  • Saved files will not be lost in case of loss of power

UltraGrav2™ is installed on a 7” Android tablet for flexibility in the field. The app can be installed on any Android device 6” or larger with Bluetooth capability. This makes UltraGrav2™ convenient to use and easy to maintain in the field. Data files can be viewed within the Android device for quality checks. Saved observations can be downloaded via USB cable, memory stick or simply e-mailed. Data files once saved are protected from loss of power.

UltraGrav2™ has been streamlined to be easier to use yet is more powerful. GPS coordinates from the Android device can be used if more accurate coordinates are not available. The program offers optional filtering to facilitate single observations during noisy environmental conditions. Many of the functions have been combined to give you more information. There are three different formats for recording data, one for singlepoint measurements and two for continuous measurements.

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