Burris Gravity Meter ™ for Land Applications

Burris Gravity Meter ™ for Land Applications

The Automated Burris Gravity Meter™ with UltraGrav™ Control System Introduction It took ZLS over 6 years to develop a new metal, zero-length spring land gravity meter. The Burris Gravity Meter™  is ...

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ZLS Dynamic Meter ™ for Marine Applications

ZLS Dynamic Meter ™ for Marine Applications

The ZLS Dynamic Gravity Meter™ with UltraSys™ Control System Improved Accuracy and Enhanced Reliability Damper Adjustments no longer required. Eliminates the cross-coupling errors inherent in older beam-type gravity meters. Residual imperfection errors are typically ...

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About ZLS Corporation

Excellence in Zero-Length Spring Gravity Meters

ZLS Corporation is a manufacturer of high precision, metal, zero-length spring gravity meters and products.

ZLS was founded in 1991 in response to a need for a high-quality company that would provide the latest in state-of-the-art technology for gravity meter instruments. The company was started in Austin, Texas by three individuals with experience in designing and manufacturing gravity meters: Dr. James Adams, Larry Burris and Herbert Valliant. Dr. Lucien LaCoste suggested that the company be named after his Zero-Length Spring.

Our Mission

  • Purvey the World's Best Gravity Meters
  • Provide the Highest Quality in Products and Services
  • Maintain a High Standard of Ethics in All Its Business Activities
  • Continuously Improve Products and Services to Meet the Changing Needs of the Geophysical Industry
  • Advance the Art of Geopotential Exploration Through Research and Development
  • Strive for Total Customer Satisfaction
  • Never Directly Compete Against our Customers

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