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ZLS was founded in 1991 in response to a need for a high-quality company that would provide the latest in state-of-the-art technology for gravity meter instruments.  The company was started in Austin, Texas by three individuals with experience in designing and manufacturing gravity meters: Dr. Adams, Larry Burris and Herbert Valliant.  Dr. LaCoste suggested that the company be named after his Zero-Length Spring.  The name was fitting and the three began working on their first product, an upgrade for LaCoste & Romberg (L&R) S-meters. Since its start, ZLS has continued to develop its products and services and now offers its own line of gravity meter products which include a land gravity meter (Burris Gravity Meter™) and a marine meter (ZLS Dynamic Gravity Meter™).  To continue servicing the gravity meter community, ZLS also offers a range of state-of-the-art technology products for L&R G, D, ET, and S-meters.

Principles of ZLS

Over a Century of Combined Experience with Gravity Meter Design and Production

James R. Adams, BBA, MBA, Ph.D., spearheads the business activities and production of ZLS in addition to design, research, and development responsibilities.  Dr. Adams has had 30 years experience in gravity meter production, construction, assembly, R&D, and testing.  His previous affiliation was as Vice-President in charge of Production at LaCoste & Romberg Gravity Meters, Inc.

Larry J. Burris has 50+ years experience in the mechanical design of gravity meters and associated instruments. His primary responsibility at ZLS is to design, research, and develop gravity and tilt meters.  Mr. Burris founded INSTECH, which specialized in the design and manufacture of precision levels and tilt meters.  His previous occupation was as head of Research and Development at LaCoste & Romberg where he was responsible for the design and development of gravity meter sensors including the straight-line air/sea meter and borehole gravity meter.

Herbert D. Valliant, BSc, MSc has 50+ years experience in all facets of gravimetry and systems engineering.  Mr. Valliant designs, researches, and develops electronics and controller systems for L&R and ZLS gravity meters. Formerly, he worked for the Geological Survey of Canada where he authored over 80 scientific papers.  One of his more recent publications is a chapter on marine gravity instrumentation in the Handbook of Geophysical Exploration at Sea (CRC Press, 1992).  His experience includes marine, land, and airborne field operations as well as the design and engineering of gravity instrumentation and systems.  Most recently he was employed as Senior Scientist at LaCoste & Romberg Gravity Meters, Inc.

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