Burris Gravity Meter ™ for Land Applications

The Automated Burris Gravity Meter™ with V-Grav™ Control System



It took ZLS over 6 years to develop a new metal, zero-length spring land gravity meter. The Burris Gravity Meter™  is not a repackaging of old technology.  It is a new meter designed especially to take advantage of the latest advances in digital technology.  The result is a meter with superior digital performance and ease of use. It is the most precise and rugged gravity meter on the market.  V-Grav™ control electronics  automate the Burris Gravity Meter™ allowing it to be used with microGal precision.

  • Highest Quality and Most Precise
  • Most Rugged Land Meter
  • Earth Tide Monitoring
  • Real Time Graphics of Beam and Levels
  • One Tenth of a MicroGal Resolution
  • Easy to Use for Students – Sophisticated for Experts
  • Automatic Reading
  • Weather Resistant

Click here for a downloadable pdf file of the Burris Gravity Meter brochure: ZLS Burris Gravity Meter


The Burris Gravity Meter™ comes in a number of configuration to fit your budget and needs. V-Grav™ allows the user to choose the level of precision needed for each application.  Lower precision results in faster reading times, allowing more stations to be logged in a day.  Higher precision allows the Burris Gravity Meter™ to be used for the most demanding microGal surveys.  Whatever your application needs, you now have a choice with V-Grav™.

  • Petroleum Exploration
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Civil Engineering
  • Geophysical Mapping
  • Geotechnical and Archaeological Exploration
  • Groundwater and Environmental Studies
  • Tectonic Research
  • Volcanology Research
  • Geothermal Research
  • Your Specific Application


Easy for Beginners – Sophisticated for Experts

Whatever your level of experience, V-Grav™ makes using the Burris Gravity Meter™ fast and easy to operate. When configured for automatic reading, students and beginners can sit back and let V-Grav™ do all the work. Feeling the need for more control, professionals and experienced operators can customize V-Grav™ for more complex scenarios.  In addition to single-mode operation, continuous-mode operation permits earth-tide and secular recordings.  If speed is of the essence, menu selected precision allows you to choose the desired level of precision for the job: the lower the level of precision, the faster the reading.  V-Grav™ operates via a wireless connection to the meter.  With V-Grav™, it is no longer necessary to have a highly skilled operator to obtain accurate results.

Computer Controlled and Data Logging

tablet3A microprocessor-based automatic reading and data logging system, V-Grav™ controls the meter for blunder-free observations.  V-Grav™ does all the work for you.  It takes the reading, applies the calibration factor, corrects for earth tides and off level position*, then stores the data and displays the results, all in an instant!  V-Grav™ comes installed on an Android tablet for flexibility in the field.  The observer can remotely monitor and operate the meter via the standard wireless connection.  Field proven, the original V-Grav™ has been used successfully to upgrade existing Model G and D meters for over 14 years.  V-Grav™ is a comprehensive and mature system that eliminates costly transcription mistakes.

ZLS Leveling System

The Burris Gravity Meter™ leveling system is fast and easy to use.  It consists of three leveling legs which can be accessed from the top of the meter. The meter can be placed directly on the ground or on a base plate.  Under normal field conditions, the Burris Gravity Meter™ can be precisely leveled for microGal readings within 30 seconds. However, precise leveling is no longer needed as V-Grav™ can be configured by the operator to perform automatic off level corrections.  Unlike bottom leveling systems where the meter is placed blindly into slots, the Burris Gravity Meter™ is easily placed on the ground or a base plate.  With the ZLS manual leveling system there are no motors to reduce battery life or break down during a survey.

The Heart of The Burris Gravity Meter™


Each Burris Gravity Meter™ is built around a hand made, metal, zero-length spring.  ZLS springs have extremely low hysteresis and drift rates.  When new, ZLS springs drift approximately 1.0 mGals per month after aging and when mature, drift less than 0.3 mGals per month.  Data have shown that the spring’s drift rate improves with age.  The prototype has a drift rate of approximately 0.030 mGals per month.  V-Grav™ provides unsurpassed precision over large ranges and eliminates a class of errors known as circular error. Calibration values are stable over time as they are determined by a metal micrometer screw.  The Burris Gravity Meter™ has consistently yielded standard deviations of 0.003 mGal or better during routine field tests.

Small, Portable and Weather Resistant.  The Burris Gravity Meter™ contains the sensor, electronics, computer and battery “All-In-One” easy to handle unit.  There is no need for a separate carrying case.  No lost time taking the meter in and out of a case.  The Burris Gravity Meter™ is sealed to keep out the weather so you do not have to worry about those sudden rain or dust storms.  Under normal survey and climate conditions, the battery will last 12 – 14 hours.  Small in size, the Burris Gravity Meter™ weighs 13 pounds with a standard lithium battery.


ZLS Corporation has over a century of combined experience in the design and  manufacture of metal, zero-length spring gravity meters.  The V-Grav™ control system has been used and proven in the field by leading universities and agencies around the world since 1994.  The Burris Gravity Meter™ was developed by the world’s most experienced designer of metal spring gravity meters, Larry Burris.  Each Burris Gravity Meter™ is unconditionally warranted against any defects in parts or craftsmanship for a period of two years and carries a two year warranty against sticking of the mass on the stops.

Burris Gravity Meter™ Models

There are two models of the Burris Gravity Meter, 1) Non-Calibrated Screw Burris Gravity Meter and 2) Calibrated Screw Burris Gravity Meter.  Both meters are identical in construction and have the same reading resolution of 0.0001 mGal when reading the force balance.

The Non-Calibrated Screw Meter does not have a calibrated micrometer screw.  The meter is intended for users with short range surveys on flat areas and/or stationary site measurements requirements.  The Non-Calibrated Screw Meter’s measuring screw itself does not measure gravity.  The screw is used to adjust the meter to within the 50 mGal range of the force balance where it can take a gravity reading.

Non-Calibrated Burris Gravity Meter™

  1. 50 mGal Automatic Nulling Range with Microgal Reading Precision
  2. Worldwide Ranging Screw
  3. Land Gravity Meter with Beam Galvo
  4. Electronic Levels with Reading Galvos
  5. V-Grav™ Electronics, Controller and Software

The Calibrated Screw Meter has a calibrated micrometer screw.  This meter is intended for users who routinely have surveys covering large geographic areas, mountainous regions or continental surveys.

The Calibrated Screw Burris Gravity Meter is calibrated every 50 mGals over the entire 7,000-mGal meter range. Readings taken with V-Grav™ are free of circular error when the dial is set to a calibrated point. Calibration values are stable over time as they are determined by a hardened micrometer screw.

Calibrated Burris Gravity Meter™

  1. 50 mGal Automatic Nulling Range with Microgal Reading Precision
  2. 7000 mGal Worldwide Range
  3. Land Gravity Meter with Beam Galvo
  4. Electronic Levels with Reading Galvos
  5. V-Grav™ Electronics, Controller and Software

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Secular (Earth Tide) Meter For precise earth-tide measurements the Non-Calibrated Burris Gravity Meter™ can be configured with less range for a higher internal resolution of 0.0002 mGals.
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Type: Metal Zero-Length Spring
Hardened metal micrometer screw
Range: 7,000 mGal
Temperature range: -15 to +50°C; optional low temperature model available with low range temperature of -45°C

Electronic Levels

Range: +/- 2 arc-minutes (4 arc-minutes total)
Resolution: One arc-second

Reading Resolution

Recorded: Standard Version: Single reading mode: 0.0001 mGal
Continuous reading mode (filtered): 0.0001 mGal

Precision of Calibrated Points(Calibrated Screw Meters Only)

Standard: +/- 0.015 mGal

Data Repeatability (Under normal conditions of background noise)

Within 50 mGal: 0.005 – 0.007 mGal (Feedback)
Over 50 mGal: +/- 0.015 mGal (Screw)


When New: Approximately 1.0 mgal per month after aging
When Mature: Less than 0.3 mgal

V-Grav™ Control System

Type: Pulse width modulated electrostatic nulling system
Feedback range: Approximately 50 mGal
Input voltage: 10.5 to 14.0 volts DC

Host Computer

Type: Android Tablet
Power: Power from internal batteries

Standard Lithium Battery Life (at 25 C)

Standby: 16 – 18 hr.
Operating: 12 – 14 hr.

Standalone Lithium Battery Charger

Input voltage: 90 – 260VAC
Output voltage: 24V, 2.5A DC
Dimension: 7 x 3.5 x 2.25 in.  (18 x 9.2 x 5.8 cm)
Weight: 8 oz.  (235 g)

Burris Gravity Meter™

L x W x H: 10.5 x 7.0 x 11.5 in. (26.7 x 17.8 x 29.2 cm)
Weight with battery: 13 lb. (5.9 kg)

*Optional feature, level calibration by operator required.  Specifications are subject to change without notice. Results may vary depending on conditions.

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